Beekeeping Articles

Beekeeping Articles

Bees are starting to evolve to survive destructive varroa mite, researcher says

By Robin McConchie - ABC Rural

Bees in the United States and Europe are starting to evolve through natural selection to survive a mite that has been decimating their populations.

Honey: What is it?

By Lindsay Wilson

This is not a simple as you may first think!

A Year in the Life of a Honey bee Colony

By Lindsay Wilson

Many bee books sold in Australia talk of different degrees of weather extremes. If we look at aspects of the ‘honey bees‘ life in the southern Australian temperate climate, from winter through to summer and back to winter it is not the same as the northern hemisphere, so most bee books are only a guide in our hives.

Water and its three uses in a beehive.

By Lindsay Wilson

1st Bees need water to dilute honey before it can be use as food in the hive.

Nucleus hive

What is a Nuc, How, When, Where can I use it?

By Southside Beekeepers Club Inc.

People say what is it ? Do I need a Nuc?
Will I use it? Can I save money not having one? I can’t see the point in having one! Well You Do Need a Nuc