Do you have a swarm of bees on your property?

In springtime bee colonies swam, this is the natural way bees reproduce, but as a colony, as opposed to individuals. The Queen and 20,000 to 30,000 bees will fly out of the hive to find a new home. It is common for swarms to settle and cluster on a tree branch, a fence, a post or just about anywhere, for a short period of time before they find a permanent home to build a new colony.

Most swarms can be caught by a beekeeper and resettled in a hive. This is how most new beekeepers start out, with a swarm.

The Southside Beekeepers Club has a number of members that are experienced beekeepers who are willing to provide swarm collection services to the general public. If you call a pest extermination service, they will most likely kill the bees. Club members can humanely remove and resettle the colony and keep them alive and healthy, which is great for the bees and good for our environment.

How do you know it’s a Swarm?

A swarm is a cluster of bees hanging in a ball from a tree or fence and will only happen around September to January. If it’s outside of that time period, then it’s probably not a swarm, it’s bees in a cavity, enclosed space or hanging from a tree with comb, then this is a Feral Colony not a swarm. The removal of a feral colony is a completely difference removal process.

What happens to the Bees?

All of the bees are humanely resettled into a new hive and given to a new member as their first hive of bees.

If you have a bee swarm on your property, and it is readily accessible for collection and you would like it humanely removed, please contact us to arrange collection and removal of the swarm.

How and How Much?

Pest Exterminators and Professional Bee Keepers who Remove bees normally charge a fee for their service. Exterminators have set fees as they are providing a professional business service to you. Professional Beekeepers usually are more flexible in the rates they charge - some may actually provide the service for free.

As a Club, we are not providing a removal service we are only introducing two third parties together to arrange between themselves the removal fo the bees. For a basic removal we would would not be suprized if the remover asks for a small fee for their service. On average we would expect this to be approximately $120. Any fees is soley up to the collector to negitiate with the person needing the bees removed

Bare in mind that when a Beekeeper (Professional or Hobbyist) collects a swarm of bees or a feral colony, they are required to provide suitable "accomodation" for the bees for the rest of the colony's life. A basic hive setup for these bees can start from around $80-100 and this is a cost that the person removing the bees is up for. On top of this they have their traveling time and also the working time moving the bees into the new hives or NUC box for transportation. These costs do increase as the colony gets larger and there is a lot of time and effort required to look after the nees especially for the first few weeks after removal.

Charges differ depending on the situation and how difficult the swarm is to catch. If there are large heights involved, requirements to dismantle buildings/walls, need to use special extraction equipment like vacuum boxes or swarm collection nets... all these factors need to be taken into account when querying any service fee discussed.

Make sure the person removing your swarm is a registered Beekeeper. Our club will not recommend any person who is not registered, or does not have the correct safety gear and hive equipment. It is in the best interest of the bees that the person collecting them knows what they are doing. Ask questions, and ask if they are a registered Beekeeper.

Tim Fagan

Swarm Co-ordinator

If you require us to put you in contact with a beekeeper for bee removal please use out CONTACTS page and choose SWARM REMOVAL when submitting your enquiry. These enquiries are monitored throughout the day and one of our club members will attend to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Any issues or legal aspects that may arise from the removal of bees is between the two parties. The Southside Beekeepers Club carries no responsibility or liability for the actions of thebeekeeper. This is only a service in which we connect beekeepers with members of the general public who would like to have a bee swarm removed.

Please note we are NOT a pest extermination service or a bee colony or wasp removal service.