Introduction to Beekeeping

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The Southside Beekeepers Club’s beginner course is specifically designed to get you through your first year of beekeeping.  The course is run by experienced hobby and professional beekeepers comprising of theory and practical experience in our club apiary

NOTE: Courses are for members only.  Non-members wishing to join in order to attend the course can apply here.  Membership will be valid for 12 months from date of approval and you will enjoy all the perks of full membership.

Topics Covered

  • Beekeeping not negotiables
  • Understand work health and safety issues related to running an apiary
  • Apiary site selection
  • Hive Selection / Types – assembly / component – Accessory Selection
  • Managing different hives pros and cons Langstroth, Flowhive, Long Langstroth, Top Bar hives
  • Using a Bee Smoker
  • Opening a beehive and putting back together
  • Inspecting Frames / Manipulate Bee Brood
  • Manage Pests and Disease – Bio Security
  • Re-Queening Hives
  • Managing Swarming
  • Removing honey from a hive
  • Extracting Honey & Food Safety
  • 2 hours Practical Hive Inspection experience at our Club Apiary


Copy of course Book and Biosecurity manual provided



Course Properties

Course Dates (2022) Sun 17th Sept, Sun 9th Oct , Sat 5th Nov , Sun 4th Dec , Sat 4th Feb , Sun 26th Feb , Sat 18th Mar , Sat 1st April
Course Duration 6 to 8 hours starting at 8:30am going to around 4pm.
Registration Send a note to us using the Contact Us form below.  Message Subject = Course Query
Capacity 14
Cut off date When class size is reached / More Course dates can be added based on demand
Individual Price Course Fee $160 + New Membership $40
Location 55 Towerhill Rd, South Frankston Sports and Rec Centre



Attendees will require a Bee Suit & Gloves to participate in all practical activities in our apiary.  If you do not have a Bee suit and gloves please mention this in the comments area and we will be in touch to assist you to acquire a suit or we may be able to loan you a club suit (limited number available).

Due to Bio Security all members using their own suit and gloves must make sure the suite and gloves be unused\new or  have been cleaned to avoid contamination with any colonies outside the club’s apiary.

To attend our course you are required to become a Southside Beekeepers Club Member.  By signing up for this course the details you provide will form part of your membership application to become a member.