Southside Beekeepers Club Inc

Southside Beekeepers Club Inc is a registered not-for-profit association which currently follows the Model Rules as set out Consumer Affairs (Victoria) Australia. A copy of these rules can be located HERE. These rules clearly set out the membership rights and obligations along with those of all office bearers and committee.


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Single Membership: Single Adult Membership entitles the financial member to attend any club organized event or meeting.  The Member has voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and for any issues where the club asks the general membership to vote for an outcome.   All members must be present to vote unless proxy votes are eligible.

Junior Membership:  Available to children and teenagers up 16 years of age.  Juniors are added to the clubs membership register as associate members.  Juniors wishing to attend club meetings or special events hosted by the Southside Beekeepers Club MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.  Our club reserves the right to identify the guardian and obtain contact details of the guardian for safety and insurance reasons.  Associate members are full financial members of the club yet do not have voting rights at elections at the annual general meeting or on any issues requiring Members to vote.  Southside Beekeepers must be notified if any allergies or heath conditions that may put both the junior member or the guardian at risk. By not providing this information the club can not be held responsible for issues that may arise  by nit having this information on hand.  Junior memberships May be upgraded at any time to a Family membership during the current membership year.  This upgrade will allow two adults (Parents/Guardians) to join with the Juniors remaining under the family membership.